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Ribbons and Ribbon Cassettes
S. R. No. CI 017- C
Ink Capsule
Flexel -L/I Recorder.
S. R. No. CI 018-C
Ink Capsule Taylor 90J, 91J, Recorder.
S. R. No. CI 019-C
Ink Capsule for Taylor 1300-1400 series Recorder.
S. R. No. CI 020- 6R
6 Color Ribbon for
Sietex Recorder and H & B Recorder.
S. R. No. CI 021- 6P
Ink Pad wheel for
Taylor 6 Point Recorder.
S. R. No. CI 022
Ink Cartridge and Capillary Type Pen for
Russian Recorder.
Model No.– 542
S. R. No. CI 023
Disposable Pen for
Instron 115 Recorder.
Colour: Red & Blue
S. R. No. CI 024
Disposable Cartridge for
Colour: Red, Green, Blue, Violet
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