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S. R. No. CI 025
Disposable Pen for
Russian Recorder.
Model No. A-543
S. R. No. CI 026
Pen assy for
OHKURA Recorder 4 pen recorder.
Colour: Red, Green, Blue, Violet
S. R. No. CI 027
Modified Disposable Pen for
OHKURA Recorder.
Colour: Red, Green , Blue, Violet
S. R. No. CI 028
Modified Disposable Pens for
Siemens Recorder.
Colour: Red, Blue, Green
S. R. No. CI 029
Disposable Pen for
Siemens Recorder kompensograph.
7ND 2100, 7ND 2101, 7ND 2121, 7ND 2123
S. R. No. CI 030
Disposable Pen for
G.C. Recorder.
Colour: Red
S. R. No. CI 031
Ink pad Wheel for
I/L Recorder.
6 Point and 12 Point.
S. R. No. CI 032
Ink pad Wheel for
Chino Recorder 180 mm and 250mm
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